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I’ve been a foodie for a long time. But since I don’t drink alcohol I’ve been a long time connoisseur of soft drinks and beverages of the like. When I moved to L.A. I stumbled across a Soda Pop store called Rocket Fizz that is sure to delight anyone’s taste not only for the bubbly fun stuff but for the nostalgia of yesteryear. It’s one of those stores that make you remember what it’s like to be a kid. It makes me wanna make up names for things… a little like this.

In any case. The main feature at Rocket Fizz is the 9 zillion varieties of soda pop.
I took it upon myself to take the challenge and give it a good try to tasting them all… so in the future look out for the Sooperwater reviews.

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Today I grabbed something to go from the Marriott cafeteria, which is very “green” to the point of having real plates and silverware. In fact I hear that you’re charged more for anything in a plastic container.

I noticed that the containers I had selected stated they were made from plants. Curious as to how they were made I went to the website on the cup and this banner was the first thing I saw.

I highlighted the part that made me chuckle.


This is exactly what I hate about the Green movement.


I actually think that telling everybody about actually negates some of your efforts to actually do the right thing.  Plus it makes you look like a schmuck.

Once all the dust settles and the processes are established by law or whatever, nobody will care. You’ll have to find something else to promote yourself with, that you don’t really care about until everyone says you have to.

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On the fourth I went down to Eastern Market for some Independence day fun at Eastern Market. Amongst the fresh food and the artisans is a pickle vendor. YES! A pickle vendor. To me this was absolute heaven. I’ve been a pickle fan for as long as I can remember. I have great memories of following my mother down to the Capitol farmer’s market on a brisk autumn morning when the cucumbers were in bumper crop and enjoying the sounds, smells and smiling faces. Shortly thereafter finding myself sitting in front of a towering pile of cucumbers on the kitchen table while a striking smelling brine brews on the stove. My mother was an industrious canner so I have some experience with how a cucumber become a pickle. But I don’t think I was ever a real connoisseur until I discovered the IN A PICKLE, vendor. IN A PICKLE sells a variety pickles and olives all made from a local farm. They sell individual pickles on a stick, pickles by the pint and quart. I never really liked the fresher pickles until I hit my thirties. Before I wanted my pickles good and petrified. I remember anxiously waiting for the pickles we packed in the fall to be ready to be eaten in the early spring. I in fact would run down to the cellar, and look at the color change over time, my mouth salivating for that salty goodness. A few things I learned from the IN A PICKLE folks were these variations. A kosher pickle has Salt, Water, and Vinegar, as well as the appropriate blessings or authorizations. A (Full) Sour Pickle is only Salt and Water. Of course you can add dill or whatever special spices you like. But then there’s the Half Sour Pickle, which basically means it only sits in the bring for half the time of a full sour. Full Sour = 3 months or more) Wish I’d know that was an option as a kid, I’d have been pickling it up a lot sooner! Since discovering the pickle vendor I’ve been back for more varieties, and find myself feeling a bit glutenous after I down a pint single-handedly, but hey at least it’s not ice cream right?!!!

Make your own pickles.

Check out the history of pickles

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