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When we think about personalization and highly engaging experiences often we think about how is something going to be optimized on likes and preferences. How often do we think about experiences that serve our actual physical needs.

This is a brilliant example of how to serve the needs of your clients and going to where they are. This approach must have taken and unwavering focus on the priority and a lot of creativity and collaboration to find the right way to implement the design.


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I normally stay out social commentary, but honestly folks this whole Breast Cancer thing is stupid.

How many of you actually knew that they donated money to Planned Parenthood BEFORE this happened? Why should you stop supporting them now? They raise money for Breast Cancer, which btw is still NOT cured. If you like Planned Parenthood why you don’t you give money directly to Planned Parenthood if that’s what you wanna do? Just because Susan G. Komen decides not to give money does not make them a hate group.Planned Parenthood is under investigation for poor practices.  If you had an investment that had poor practices you would probably pull your money as well.

If you buy into the “hate” stuff you’re not getting the whole picture. I learned long ago that when you accuse someone/thing incorrectly without all the information you’re exposing to people much more about your own heart than theirs, even if they are making mistakes. And for those who think the reversal is too late.. Well if we have no room in our society for forgiveness than we have no real hope for progress.

Why does it seem that American media issues will not progress past 3rd grade?

What I find fascinating about this, is that there seems to be a very reactionary response to our community involvement. Let’s just say that the news media didn’t pick up this story? Would any of you noticed? Would you have continued to give money to either one of these organizations?  What would happen if Susan G. Komen never gave money to Planned Parenthood. Would you have lobbied as hard to make them give it to Planned Parenthood?


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Recently I spent a lot of time soul searching what I wanted to with the next few years of my life and career.  I had an opportunity to join GE Healthcare in developing the next generation solutions for the Healthcare world. This was a big change for me since I had spent an accumulative 10 years in Social Media. You can imagine what the differences might be. I was wary of the frustrations I might encounter having been is a very cowboy-esque world in social media. But that the end of the day I wanted to make sure my skills were used for good rather than evil. Since joining this effort I’ve been nothing but excited and impressed with the focus and process of how we are going about designing and building successful products, where success is measured in lives saved.

My primary focus is working on a product trying to alleviate HAIs, (Healthcare Acquired Infections.) Basically an infection you acquire while being treated for something else in a hospital or clinic.

HAIs will kill more Americans this year than prostate and breast cancer combined. In addition, resulting treatment costs will inflate the nation’s healthcare spend by a largely avoidable $35 billion each year—an average of $1,100 per patient admission. (GEReports) WHO KNEW?

This infographic made it to my desk today which sums up the need very well.

If I’m looking to make a meaningful impact I  think I made a good decision.

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