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As I mentioned in my last post, I am grateful for the amount of inventive and creatively talented people I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by. A part 2 to this end is required when I see what my great colleague Joe does on his off time. Enjoy the amazingly professional, but volunteer productions of Wild Pilots



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One of the more favorable things I am grateful for in my life has been the amount of inventive and creatively talented people I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by.

Thomas Crenshaw is one such individual who a few days ago put together this little tribute video for one of his (and mine) favorite TV Shows. The video is fun, compelling and burning up the replays on youtube right now.


Thomas Crenshaw

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Great Quotes:

04:50min “..Since when like in order to have a happy childhood you have to have boxes of … pink room, with pink curtains with pink stuff in it to be a happy child?”

05:07min “..This was really a choice of how many hours do we have in our life and how do I want to spend those hours, do I really want to work more than 10,20,30 hours a week to that I can pay rent to have a big house. So that I can be like a healthy normal mom. So this was my choice……I know that we’ve spent way more hours than if I would if I had to pay rent.”

05:30min ” I grew up in Argentina and the standards of living, this would be like a really nice house in Argentina”

09:00min – “Material things are just on borrow.”

09:07min “None of this is ours. We try to secure ourselves in these identities. Like my house, my wife, my car, my children, my career. The bigger and the more assured I am myself. And no. This house is just really a prison and I’m tied to the bank.”

09:30min ” This is my mortgage. I wanted to do it intellectual property instead of physical property.”

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Having been  in software design my whole career and a hardcore computer nerd since I was in the Commodore users groups as a kid., the last few years have been troubling. I think the amount of technology has overwhelmed me.

As the format of  how we compute is changing from desktops to laptops to smart devices, I’ve actually become of more ludite like, feeling that my new gadgets are causing more confusion, pain and time sucking than they’ve been helping. Longing for the days of a one button joystick or a plain old keyboard. Retreating to nature without a GPS or phone in hand.

But then you see something like this. Which is actually at the crossroads of total invasion and not requiring any cognition to use and you think ah hah! That’s what I’ve been wanting all along. Not to shun technology altogether but I’ve been wanting something more sophisticated more, savvy so I wouldn’t have to learn something new or have 10 different devices that basically do the same thing.

Nice job Google Guys, let’s get there quicker than not, cause I’m craving for some REALLY smart tools.

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Recently I spent a lot of time soul searching what I wanted to with the next few years of my life and career.  I had an opportunity to join GE Healthcare in developing the next generation solutions for the Healthcare world. This was a big change for me since I had spent an accumulative 10 years in Social Media. You can imagine what the differences might be. I was wary of the frustrations I might encounter having been is a very cowboy-esque world in social media. But that the end of the day I wanted to make sure my skills were used for good rather than evil. Since joining this effort I’ve been nothing but excited and impressed with the focus and process of how we are going about designing and building successful products, where success is measured in lives saved.

My primary focus is working on a product trying to alleviate HAIs, (Healthcare Acquired Infections.) Basically an infection you acquire while being treated for something else in a hospital or clinic.

HAIs will kill more Americans this year than prostate and breast cancer combined. In addition, resulting treatment costs will inflate the nation’s healthcare spend by a largely avoidable $35 billion each year—an average of $1,100 per patient admission. (GEReports) WHO KNEW?

This infographic made it to my desk today which sums up the need very well.

If I’m looking to make a meaningful impact I  think I made a good decision.

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The fact that information is freely available and ubiquitous requires us to be creative. The collaborative creation of new ideas is the new currency. It’s the only currency we have.

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