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One of the more favorable things I am grateful for in my life has been the amount of inventive and creatively talented people I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by.

Thomas Crenshaw is one such individual who a few days ago put together this little tribute video for one of his (and mine) favorite TV Shows. The video is fun, compelling and burning up the replays on youtube right now.


Thomas Crenshaw

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I’ve written no less than 25 partial posts that are sitting as drafts in my dashboard, which I mean to publish someday, since they seem very relevant to the time period right now. But I found this video and it just spoke to my heart. Whether it’s because I love France, Ingenuity, Innovation and “Off the Beaten Path” ideas or otherwise I don’t know.


Maybe it will inspire me to finish the rest of my oh – so important posts… 🙂

Addendum: Yet another great inspiration.

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Recently I spent a lot of time soul searching what I wanted to with the next few years of my life and career.  I had an opportunity to join GE Healthcare in developing the next generation solutions for the Healthcare world. This was a big change for me since I had spent an accumulative 10 years in Social Media. You can imagine what the differences might be. I was wary of the frustrations I might encounter having been is a very cowboy-esque world in social media. But that the end of the day I wanted to make sure my skills were used for good rather than evil. Since joining this effort I’ve been nothing but excited and impressed with the focus and process of how we are going about designing and building successful products, where success is measured in lives saved.

My primary focus is working on a product trying to alleviate HAIs, (Healthcare Acquired Infections.) Basically an infection you acquire while being treated for something else in a hospital or clinic.

HAIs will kill more Americans this year than prostate and breast cancer combined. In addition, resulting treatment costs will inflate the nation’s healthcare spend by a largely avoidable $35 billion each year—an average of $1,100 per patient admission. (GEReports) WHO KNEW?

This infographic made it to my desk today which sums up the need very well.

If I’m looking to make a meaningful impact I  think I made a good decision.

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The fact that information is freely available and ubiquitous requires us to be creative. The collaborative creation of new ideas is the new currency. It’s the only currency we have.

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The role of the auto-correct function on my iPhone is so AWESOME when it works as I intend to communicate. But when it so totally fails, (which is %50 of the time, it usually just makes me sound stupid. But in this case it makes my message completely indecipherable.


What I meant to state: “Jetting with JetBlue”  (Note: I like flying with Jet Blue, who’s marketing campaign states that with Jet Blue, you’re “Jetting” not just flying.)

What the auto-correct spit out that I did not notice until posted:

“Jetting with keynote.”

I suppose it’s all relative, I wonder if the auto-correct turned off would be more or less frustrating. At least maybe what I did send out would be better understood.

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If you’ve drinken the Kool-Aid or Google-Aid as it would be renamed if Google had a product for it; Guess what? They don’t invent or innovate  everything.

I was surprised and little stunned to see such a blatant follower move by Google search today as they debuted the  image on their search page… a la “bing.”

But to steal a stolen phrase from an article by Cameron Moll. “Good Designers Copy, Great Designers Steal.” Where did he get that? Picasso. Who reportedly said. “Good artists copy, great artists steal.”

Google becoming a not so fast follower?

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“It’s easy to understand why you’d want to safeguard every idea you have, but it’s probably not the best way to get things done. Motivational author Paul Arden suggests you’re a lot better off freeing your ideas, and staying hungry for new ones.”


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