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Having been  in software design my whole career and a hardcore computer nerd since I was in the Commodore users groups as a kid., the last few years have been troubling. I think the amount of technology has overwhelmed me.

As the format of  how we compute is changing from desktops to laptops to smart devices, I’ve actually become of more ludite like, feeling that my new gadgets are causing more confusion, pain and time sucking than they’ve been helping. Longing for the days of a one button joystick or a plain old keyboard. Retreating to nature without a GPS or phone in hand.

But then you see something like this. Which is actually at the crossroads of total invasion and not requiring any cognition to use and you think ah hah! That’s what I’ve been wanting all along. Not to shun technology altogether but I’ve been wanting something more sophisticated more, savvy so I wouldn’t have to learn something new or have 10 different devices that basically do the same thing.

Nice job Google Guys, let’s get there quicker than not, cause I’m craving for some REALLY smart tools.

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If you’ve drinken the Kool-Aid or Google-Aid as it would be renamed if Google had a product for it; Guess what? They don’t invent or innovate  everything.

I was surprised and little stunned to see such a blatant follower move by Google search today as they debuted the  image on their search page… a la “bing.”

But to steal a stolen phrase from an article by Cameron Moll. “Good Designers Copy, Great Designers Steal.” Where did he get that? Picasso. Who reportedly said. “Good artists copy, great artists steal.”

Google becoming a not so fast follower?

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