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This is my ode to mothers of the world who forced their kids to use wonder bread bags to help slide their galoshes on, who wore macaroni necklaces and proudly displayed artwork made from junk for YEARS.

While mothers have always taken a bit of flak for being “frugal” tight with money, today they’d be rewarded by numerous amounts of people for reusing and recycling. For that matter Sanford and Son ought to be the kings of reuse for running a Salvage yard.

I’m amazed at the amount of goodwill, marketing value and sex appeal, being frugal has become. They all say it’s about saving the environment, but believe it the principals of frugality that they’re rewarding.

This is the perfect example

1. Carboard Laptop holder. Even 5 years ago, the mainstream media, and the hoigthy toighty fashionistas not only would have ridiculed you for using cardboard to hold ANYTHING up, they whould have tried to sell you a $25 piece of plastic made in china but with Italian style and make you believe it was the only way to hold your laptop off the table.


Get over yourselves and LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER!

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I recognize that if you’re reading this you’re probably my friend, so please don’t take this personally.

I have a bone to pick with everyone on the “I’m going green” campaign. I love the color green. It’s my favorite. But I’m a little sad everyone’s turning the purity of the symbolism of the color into marketing and psycho-babble hype.

Does anyone ever think about the other environmental effects of creating new things that are supposedly “green“? I hear far more about how I should buy new things to go green than I do about I can adapt my current lifestyle.

Think about all the ore and metals we have to mine to create new “green” cars, engines, solar panels, etc. The plastics that need to be refined come from all types of fossil fuels. Do you all realize that in order to use those resources we need to refine them, which creates a lot of harmful waste? We need to look at modifying what we currently have before we go off half -cocked about building new stuff.

Do you how many millions of years it takes to create the ore we mine for metals? And the big freaking holes we tear away on the surface of the earth to get at them? Do you know the environmental impact of those holes in the areas? And the emissions from refining those ores? It’s not about disposing of old things for new stuff. That’s just as bad as complete complacency.

How many of y’all out there know that the bio-diesel engine was created in the first half of the 19th century? It’s been available since before cars were even a part of people’s daily lives.

In 1990 according to my Advanced Physics teacher, it cost more energy in terms of carbon footprint, in order to make a car, than it actually did to drive the car over it’s lifetime. Some things have improved since then, but the principle still stands. It creates almost as much pollution and takes up as many resources to make the vehicle as it would take to run the vehicle say 10-15 years. And at this point even if you make an electric/hybrid vehicle are very few clean power plants out there. Most of the power plants in the U.S. use coal.

Meanwhile, you could convert an existing diesel engine to a bio-diesel engine for less than $2000. Now the devil is in the details. (there are drawbacks for bio-diesel too). There’s no one holy grail that will end it all. But the point is that before, we go around telling people to buy new “green” items. Let’s work with what we’ve already got to dovetail out our bad habits. In many cases the solution and answer has been staring us in the face for 30 years. Maybe since the early 19th century. We might even discover how powerful our greatest resources are. The human body and the souls that inspires us to be greater than we were yesterday.

Now I can only guess that I feel this way because I’ve always been one to want to figure things out. I’ve always had a dream of have my own little farmette where I could tinker all day long and live off the grid. Not because I’m some weirdo guy who’s all about the end of the world, or because I’m really into “saving the earth.” I just love the idea of being self-sufficient, and find ways to make our natural lives, completely sustainable. I really feel it’s a part of our responsibility to be as efficient as we can be. Even with those ideals, I’ve strayed a bit. We all want things in our lives. I get carried away with fantasies or lifestyles of the rich and famous too. But all I’m asking for is a little common sense and serious thought rather than massaging our own egos by jumping on the emotional bandwagon of “going green” Is that too much to ask?

This article and the comments are what tipped me off onto this rant: Green Driving

Check out some of these examples of people who are thinking our resources in different ways:


Container Homes


My favorite things that are Green.

GB Packes The Green Bay Packers – Only God’s team wears green

Rolling Hills Rolling Hills – SW Wiscy, Shenandoah, Les Vosges, I love ya!

Springtime Grasses Springtime Grasses – Green symbolizes rebirth which is what spring is!
Kermit the Frog Kermit THE Frog – “It’s not easy being green.”

Minty Chocolate Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

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