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The Dixon Ticonderoga No 2. Pencil

Best Tech Gadget of the Year.

Effectiveness= Not as good as a pen, but legible.

Cool Features= Easily Erasable and correctable, always works, in all kinds of environments, including upside down.


Able to create multiple types of communication with the same feature set.

Sturdiness= Moderately Durable

Works every time until it’s dead, until it doesn’t fit in your hand anymore. Can always be used by children as it gets smaller.

Dependencies= Requires soft enough writing surface, paper, pad, concrete,

Price= Moderately Cheap


Battery power= Not Applicable

Green= Renewable resource… No oil at all. Only carbon footprint includes the energy taken to make it. Given they are made at scale, the footprint is probably limited.

User Experience= This is a top quality product in it’s class. Writes smooth, the eraser is soft enough to be effective. Colorful shiny metal and gloss type give sense of a high quality product.

With speed in mind and sketching becoming a popular way to communicate ideas, the future use of this tool is consistent, despite our means such as electronic communication.

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