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The role of the auto-correct function on my iPhone is so AWESOME when it works as I intend to communicate. But when it so totally fails, (which is %50 of the time, it usually just makes me sound stupid. But in this case it makes my message completely indecipherable.


What I meant to state: “Jetting with JetBlue”  (Note: I like flying with Jet Blue, who’s marketing campaign states that with Jet Blue, you’re “Jetting” not just flying.)

What the auto-correct spit out that I did not notice until posted:

“Jetting with keynote.”

I suppose it’s all relative, I wonder if the auto-correct turned off would be more or less frustrating. At least maybe what I did send out would be better understood.

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Whenever someone asks me what kind of cell phone they should get, despite not having one I always respond “iphone” without hesitation.

Their response is always why? I don’t need all that… and I usually go into a 10 minute diatribe about how when something doesn’t work the way you want you always notice it. (My Crackedberry) But when it does work the they you want it to, it’s easy to not appreciate what makes it so great.

I’ve finally found my 3 second quote that explains all if this much more succinctly and efficiently. Check out the Uplaya.com site and mouse over the mobile icon. Nuff said…. I’ll be upgrading very soon.

The remote control for our networked lives

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