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Lately I’ve been concerned with the absolute blatant eradication of Christ from Christmas Activities in modern life.

The best evidence is the New York City chapter of the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) has chosen to rebrand itself as the “Y” and no longer allow Santa at it’s holiday parties. They’re replaced it with Frosty the Snowman.

From Christ to Santa is a stretch as it is but calling Santa too Christian at an organization founded as a Christian society is ridiculous. I’m starting to feel like the history books are being rewritten.

Which is why I was pleasantly surprised and happy to find this gem that was forwarded to me. A true modern Christmas story. Merry Christmas everyone! And if you don’t celebrate it or recognize that others do, enjoy the time off from work, compliments of those who do.

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I don’t necessariliy agree with all of his statements, but I think this is a courageous speech given the fact that he called audience with which he identifies with to a challenge of their own perspectives.

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As one who loves to laugh, I often love a good comedy act. I’ve spent a fair amount of time actually understanding comedic performances, including practicing with an improv group.

Comedians have a very convenient position when it comes to moral issues.  You should never forget that their first and foremost goal is to make you laugh. They will use everything they can to make you laugh. If you think they’re making some super philosophical point, you’re the one being duped. They have the luxury of not “having” to weigh all the options or consider all the facts. They’re point is to make a statement that’s funny in any way, and present it in a way that’s entertaining. In fact to make something entertaining you must commit to one point of view/shtick. You can’t consider all the options. You must commit to one point and nail it.  So for all of those out there who think George Carlin is a philosophical genius, who by the way I think is very funny;  he’s not a philosopher he’s a comedian. He did his job very well. He built up his audience and deconstructed the rest of the world as if you say you are the smartest people in the world and we’re going to laugh about all the other F&^%#*$# out there.George Carlin (I think I actually heard him say that in one of his routines.) Don’t forget that even the most genuine comedians have a performance persona. It’s not them just being smart. Even Bernie Mac who’s persona I prefer to Carlin’s must commit to a certain point of view to be entertaining. Comedians create an escape for 45 minutes that makes you feel good and laugh so you can face the real world. The one outside the theater. The one where you have to make decisions based on all the information available, not just isolated truths or opinions. So laugh, enjoy yourself, but if you’re drawing your inspiration and direction from comedians they’re the ones getting the last laugh… all the way to the bank$

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