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I love finding the things people do instead of watching TV.

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I’ve always used music to keep me focused on a task. I’ve noticed that there’s a specific style that keeps me a bit more productive. Usually movies soundtracks. I don’t know if it’s the feelings associated with the films, or if I have a fantasy about having a soundtrack for my own life. This playlist started out as the songs from the PBS Special “Carrier”, then quickly morphed into inspiring soundtracks – r-us. In any case I share with you my weirdness. Enjoy!

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I’ve played about a handful of musical instruments in my lifetime but none to such skill that I felt I could fully express myself in the language of music.

I do remember days of chore sitting at a piano keyboard or snapping the spit valve of my trumpet, dreaming I commanding the attention of thousands on a rock stage.

So when I see people who stayed true to their skills but felt all types of music my heart sort of leaps up to applaud them for having the discipline to gain that power of expression.  Once you’ve gained it you can do whatever you want with it. Play rock songs on a violin, awesome.

Check this duo out: Pianafiddle

Power to ya!

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