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vistaico_christmas-png-christmas-holly-256x256It’s here folks! The Christmas season.  There’s no time that I have better memories for. Having grown up in Wisconsin where the snow is plenty by the beginning of November and the days got dark in early October. Christmas was always a welcome respite of warmth just before the grueling four or five months of winter ahead.

Classic Wisconsin Winter

Classic Wisconsin Winter

Curling up in a blanket with the fam all around like a den of rabbits in our makeshift family room (half finished basement) with hot cocoa after shoveling the walk for 2 hours or delivering newspapers at 5am in the morning was good for soul. And of course instead of the warm glow of a fire, we were glued to the electrode rays of our 25 year old Zenith, watching movies on a VCR.  So here’s a top ten list of my favorite Christmas movies.

Movies definitely NOT on the list. A Wonderful life. Grrrr…. that movie drives me crazy! Got news for you kid. Angels don’t have wings.

Honorable Mention:

The Polar Express (2004) -Technology at it’s best. Bringing the magic of story time alive.

The Holiday (2007) – A recent favorite of mine. A really good romantic comedy that’ll keep a skip in your step and a little hope for the future. Nice soundtrack. Jack Black, Cameron Diaz play their usual selves.

Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer (1964)– “Hey what do you say we both be independent together.”

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)- The original Debbie Downer does Christmas his way. But at least of all these movies this one pays tribute to the real reason for the season. “That’s what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown.”

In reverse order of preference here it goes!

10. Santa Clause the Movie (1985)– Critical Acclaim this movie has none. But for some reason this was a family favorite.

9. Miracle on 34th street (1947)– I am a believer. And so is the U.S. Postal Service. Progressive for it’s time a tribute to all the “working girls” out there.

8. Scrooged– Classic Bill Murray. A good spin on an old snoozer of a tale.

7. Holiday Inn (1942) -The movie that set the standard for making hits songs. Find yourself a someone to cuddle up with for this one. But be careful…. it’s my heart. _

6. White Christmas- (1954)– Classic fantasy of the 50’s. With a plot so sugary sweet it rivals the plight the sugar plum fairy. This was the perfect blend of music and dance for no apparent reason, a way to mix in the patriotism of the war and camaraderie of the times. Thought I can never tell the difference between this one and Holiday Inn.

5. Home Alone (1989)– When I saw this the first time I was really in Manheim Steamroller. Yes I was a nerd in high school. The soundtrack was perfect for this comedy of errors. The kid looked just like my little brother at the time so it all brought it “home.”

4. Elf (2003)– Classic Will Ferrell. This is what happens when someone tells Will Ferrell he can’t play to the fraternity crowd! A perfectly funny and endearing comedy! This is on the rise and chase the number 1 spot.

3. The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992) -Lines from this movie have become family favorites over the years. This is a great adaptation of the original which I always thought to a yawn fest followed by a horror flick. Muppet magic steals the for this one. 

2. A Christmas Story (1983)– Nostalgia at it’s best. Red Ryder BB guns, Double-dog dares, Major awards, Far, ra, ra, ra, rah, the one liners are endless.

1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989) – Classic Chevy Chase. This is a must see every year, in ritual form. Must have blanket, cocoa and friends willing to laugh out loud!

Did you notice a pattern there! I love to laugh. But let’s face it folks, what makes these show good are the heart of it all. Merry Christmas EVERYONE!

What are you favs?

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