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In my recent trip to the Olympics in Vancouver, I noticed a fun piece of vernacular.

When we asked for directions, or instruction, which was often, given all the activities we were doing, the response in confirmation was “Perfect.”

Fictitious  example:

Ben: “Will this road take us to the Stanley Park?”

Canadian: ” Take Granville to W. Georgia then you’ll see the signs.”

Ben: ” O.K. just to reconfirm. Go down this street (Granville) turn right on Georgia and look for the signs.”

Canadian: “Perfect!”

That might seem a little trite, but almost everyone we spoke to used the word “Perfect!” specifically.

I found it very polite, affirming and delightful.

So cheers to my Perfect friends up North! To put to use the compliments I learned in the Motherland last year “You’re Brilliant!”

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Having just returned from the Vancouver Winter Olympics Games 2010, I am overly psyched about life right now. While I’m still getting all of my media and stories put together I’m going to post this Canadian commercial which includes a song called Pounding, by the Doves. Before each event started they played a montage video with this music as the soundtrack to get the crowd pumped. It was a great feeling. If I could communicate anything about the atmosphere at the Olympics, it’s one of pure energy, encouragement and positivity. While people are proud of their own countries, everyone cheers for everyone, in the spirit of encouragement. Any “booh’s” are replaced by “oooh’s” in a shared empathic support of a unfortunate incident. The world truly comes together “With Glowing Hearts” for the cause of Citius, Altius, Fortius!

Here are my event intro clips from the events we attended.

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