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The role of the auto-correct function on my iPhone is so AWESOME when it works as I intend to communicate. But when it so totally fails, (which is %50 of the time, it usually just makes me sound stupid. But in this case it makes my message completely indecipherable.


What I meant to state: “Jetting with JetBlue”  (Note: I like flying with Jet Blue, who’s marketing campaign states that with Jet Blue, you’re “Jetting” not just flying.)

What the auto-correct spit out that I did not notice until posted:

“Jetting with keynote.”

I suppose it’s all relative, I wonder if the auto-correct turned off would be more or less frustrating. At least maybe what I did send out would be better understood.

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OK all you folks out there do are masked by “the Matrix” of Ipod world. Here’s a rant that I hope makes you think.

I’ve been very careful to keep my eye out on the handheld devices market, as I am indeed a technophile. Though you wouldn’t know it. A few months ago a friend of mine reveled at the fact that while I work in the New Media space, I have relatively few gadgets. I think I’ve pinpointed a few reasons why. (Probably just to make myself feel better about it.)

  • I’m a reformed money waster.
  • I’m willing to hold out for the the item that I really want. Which usually means I’m not going to get version 1.0 of anything. What I want is something that’s truly useful in a way that pleases me, for a decent price. That usually means I’ve gone from early adopter to wait-n-see. Which is kind of hard for my ego. I’ve always liked being an early adopter, but there’s a price to pay to that vice.
  • Fortunately because I work in New Media, I get the early jump on the news, which I’ve noticed basically satisfies my curiosity and interest for new toys and tools. Just being around the action allows me to share in the excitement without paying the price.
  • I’ve been an early adopter long enough to have been burned by formats and technologies that either never take off (which leaves me out in the cold) or which I adopt much earlier than the mainstream. If the latter is the case, I’m usually over it by the time people catch on. Twitter for example. I was introduced to it early in 2007 and I’m kind of over it now just as everyone else it catching on.

So here’s an ode to my best and worst tech purchases of 2007/2008 so far.

The Best- Samsung U3 MP3 Player

Samsung U3 Colors

Samsung U3 Colors

When MP3’s and the napster came along I was all in grabbing as much music as possible beforewe all got a conscience and starting paying our dues. I’ve had a few early adopter items. When the ipod first came out I was enamered, but not sold.

As the first version of the iphone came out, I knew that was what I wanted. But I wanted something larger than 8Gigs and was hoping for a 3G phone. Which meant I would have to wait for version 2. What I really needed last year was something small enough to workout with but something versatile enough for several needs. That immediately meant the Ipod shuffle was out,  (which I totally believe is a loss leader to get people from PC’s to Mac. A genius idea.) Regardless I needed something else. I did my homework, checked out several brands, and discovered that there are really a lot of great alternatives to ipods if you think you can break yourself free of the social norms and truly serve your needs. SanDisk, Sony, even the Best Buy house brand all had worthy competitors but in the end I chose the Samsung U3 (lime green) [Cnet Video Review]

Best Non - Ipod purchase of 2007/2008

Best Non - Ipod purchase of 2007/2008

I got 2Gigs of Flash Memory. Which meant I didn’t have to have an extra cable to mess with the playlists. A radio which is nice for long runs when I get tired of my own music, voice recorder and a visual interface. It all fit comfortably in my hand and was fairly stylish. My only regret is that I’ve misplaced it! I’ll definitely buy another one if I can’t find it soon.

The Worst -Blackberry Curve or should I call it the Boring Berry

Blackberry Curve

Blackberry Curve

I had a palm when they first came out, then I had a Nokia 7800 phone with a fold out QWERTY keyboard. If I could have combined the functionality of the palm with the usability of that Nokia phone, I would have been over the top happy. A few weeks ago I thought maybe Blackberry had some time to get it right.

At first I felt so current have all my emails and SMS messages at any minute. But the novelty of being current all the time wore down to utility. I realized, that this was probably the more boring tech purchase I’ve made in the last 10 years. It truly is the “PC” of the mobile handheld device world. I don’t have enough time for all the complaints that come to mind. Good thing I only wasted $100 on it. Did I say I was a reformed money waster?

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