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This is my ode to mothers of the world who forced their kids to use wonder bread bags to help slide their galoshes on, who wore macaroni necklaces and proudly displayed artwork made from junk for YEARS.

While mothers have always taken a bit of flak for being “frugal” tight with money, today they’d be rewarded by numerous amounts of people for reusing and recycling. For that matter Sanford and Son ought to be the kings of reuse for running a Salvage yard.

I’m amazed at the amount of goodwill, marketing value and sex appeal, being frugal has become. They all say it’s about saving the environment, but believe it the principals of frugality that they’re rewarding.

This is the perfect example

1. Carboard Laptop holder. Even 5 years ago, the mainstream media, and the hoigthy toighty fashionistas not only would have ridiculed you for using cardboard to hold ANYTHING up, they whould have tried to sell you a $25 piece of plastic made in china but with Italian style and make you believe it was the only way to hold your laptop off the table.


Get over yourselves and LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER!

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