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There are some days when you just get lucky. Coupled with an over-developed sense of yourself those moments can be dangerous, because you start to believe things that just aren’t true. For instance. Back in the early college days, when I was going to the Junior College formerly known as Ricks College. (That’s right Ricks, not Rick’s. The man they named it after was Jared Ricks. Sometimes I think they should have picked his other first name to name the college.) Anyway, Ricks JC is about 2 hours NW of Jackson Wyoming and the Grand Tetons Mountain Range and awesome place to be. Once after spending the day in Jackson Hole playing, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a haze in the sky that created a blanket of warm colors on the face of the infamous top of the mountains grabbed my camera and snapped a picture, just for fun. What turned out was the best picture I’ve ever taken my life, perfectly the mountains lined up showing the speed of the road winding behind us, surrounded by the car’s rear view mirror. This is a image I loved, because often when I’m driving I want to take a sousveillance picture; from the point of view that I have, with no spatial loss created by the apparatus.

Sorry folks, I don’t not have it scanned. But look at these photos with the same intention by Jeff Clow.

Mountains Beckon by Jeff ClowBig Sky in Big Sky by Jeff Clow

So of course, this experience could only encourage my own fantasies about being inclined to the visual arts. Inclined I think is the right word here, but a good photographer I am not. As evidenced to the world by my flickr pictures. Attending SXSW nailed this home for me, being surrounded by hundreds of well trained and talented photographers. Fortunately I think this might something I could definitely get better at in the future.

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For the last 4 days I’ve been attending the SXSW (South by SouthWest) Interactive Conference in Austin, TX. Most people know about the SXSW music festival and the film festival. A few years ago they added an interactive week just before the music week. It’s been the place to be to find the fast moving minds in the interactive arena. Popularizing things like “Twitter” (Messaging) and the “4-hour work week” (book by Tim Ferris)

The next few days I will be posting my notes and thoughts from panels, the experience and the numerous conversations I’ve had with so many great people. I get super hyped up for events of this type because I usually discover the culture of “WE.” And this event more than others, I’ve noticed a sense that the collective “we” are on a mission even greater than commerce. As altruistic and maybe self adulating as that sounds, I’m energized by meeting passionate people who love creating experiences.

Just a quick sneak peek to the highlight. Frank Warren of the PostSecret phenomenon, gave a keynote presentation. A marriage proposal and plea for help ensued, creating an understanding of “Authenticity.” I would describe the theme of this week as my awakening to the Authenticity Revolution.

Think about that and I’ll fill in the blanks in the next few days.

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