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As of lately, I’ve noticed I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff! How does that happen??? Seriously.

I think there’s a magical universal time threshold that spontaneously adds more items of clutter to your household based on how long you’ve been there. At 6 months you auto-magically spawn more towels. A year later, more sports equipment. Two years more t-shirts and unmatched gloves than you know what to do with. Not to mention all the parasitic knick-knacks and post-cards that attach themselves to you from your travels. Birthday cards, and funny joke items your friends thought were so funny at the time.

The question is what to do with them? Especially when considering a move. Now I used to really enjoy moving because it was a time to purge yourself of unwanted baggage. Let’s face it, that three-quarter length tee-shirt from the top of pikes peak, isn’t really doing much good since they’ve been out of style before I even wanted to grow facial hair. But you get that stuff, because there’s an emotional attachment. You get that stuff to remember. Should have taken a picture.

Hmmmmmm….. take a picture. Lovely microscopically small digital pictures…… “Ohhh technology, I love you technology” ( Napolean dynamite reference – watch the credits to the end.)

Hence the T-shirt Graveyard is born.

Ben’s T-Shirt Graveyard

Even cooler, Circavie.com allows to create a history of anything, add your media and present it in a timeline fashion. The best part about it, is that as I took the pictures of each of my t-shirts, it was so much easier to give them up knowing I could really keep the emotional baggage/memories in my repository of mental dysfunction without having to hold on to the item. The stories, jokes, trips, good times and the bad, came flying back in a flood of “remember when” moments and now, they’re finally documented for a time when tapioca pudding is the only thing I’ll find exciting! Keep on, keepin on. The emotional brownie points keep adding up as I donate the old clothes to the salvation army.

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