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Several years ago at the prodding of a very high maintenance girlfriend I purchased my first pair of high end, fashion conscious brand shoes. For the bargain price of $275, a pair of To Boot New Yorks’ @ Nordstrom’s. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this went against my normal operating procedures. But as my dear friends at the time knew all too well I must have been under some kind of spell.

Given my financial status at the time, this was not a great purchase, however the decision got better the longer I wore the shoes.

Eight years later, having resoled them 3 times ( to the tune of $65-$80 a pop) emotionally the jury is still out as to whether or not the investment was worth it, but for about $50 a year I’ve had a pair of versatile all purpose shoes that when polished up still gets compliments. Mind you given their versatility I’ve probably worn them a mean average of 4-5 days per week in those eight years.

So after 8 years I’m thinking it’s about time I invest in another pair. Only because the core of the shoes are finally starting to wear out.

If only these shoes had their own blog what do you think they would have said about the last eight years? 🙂

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It’s well known that the type of pet people have or the car they drive says a lot about them. Even though I don’t have one right now, I love station wagons! No seriously I do. I know, I know, if I out this too much, it will kill my dating life forever. I’ve never known any woman to agree with me on this one. By contrast a fair amount of the fellas know exactly what I’m talking about here.

I suppose I should clarify my statement, cause if you’re thinking about the family truckster from national lampoon’s vacation, that’s another story. I’m talking about true sport wagons.

In college I was gifted a 1986 VW Quantum Syncro for the price of a $1. I spent much more trying to make it drivable on a consistent basis, far more than it was worth but I loved that car for all it was. It was the perfect blend of sporty performance, utility and it a few extras that made road trips totally enjoyable. I crossed the country three times, with all my possessions packed into that baby. Shuttled most of my friends around in it, all at one time. And even did some custom modifications. (When I couldn’t afford a new exhaust train I ended up welding it to the frame of the car. Now that’s a lifetime guarantee even Midas can’t touch.) It became affectionately known as the Shaggin’ Wagon, because when I inherited it, it came with a fuzzy steering wheel cover. Classic kitch.

Seriously folks, what’s better than a car that can take you anywhere you want to go (it had full time 4 wheel drive), that can pack in as many friends as you have and make it fun. That’s more than transportation. Sports cars are fun, but if you can’t put your people in them and you can’t bring any of your toys who cares?!

Years later, the Subaru Outback finally caught on and then in 1998 Volvo came out with the XC70, I was seduced from the very beginning. This was the perfect blend of sport driving, utility and sex appeal with it’s aggressive styling. Plus the word Volvo adds a little snooty appeal.Volvo XC70 Take a look at this baby.That’s what a car should look like. You can take it to the mountains in the morning and have it washed up ready for the opera at night.

These days there are plenty of options. Sport Wagon’s I love thee, let me list the ways….er kinds.

Subaru Outback, Volvo xc70, v70, v50, Mazda6, Dodge Magnum, Audi A4, A3 S4 , BMW 3, 5 series, Mercedes R, E Class,

So what’s the difference between the sport wagons and a crossover SUV?

They drive like cars. They usually get much better gas mileage than any SUV and they’re not trying to be something they’re not. They were mini-SUV’s before SUV’s existed. Don’t get me wrong there are a few crossovers and SUV’s I like. But I guess I’m a purist. Lately I’ve even been getting excited, about some of the compact wagons, mostly because gas is so high and their cost to own is so efficient. Maximum Value for maximum utility. Pseudo/Crossover Wagons – Mazda5, 3, Mini Cooper S Clubman, Pontiac Vibe, Toyota Matrix.

My brother – in – law who drives a 7 series Bimer is beside himself, every time I bring this up, but I guess I’m already 6’3″ so I don’t have a Napolean complex to get over. (Doh! Zing!) I’m sorry folks! I am who I am. I love sport wagons. Good thing for me, people are finally catching on. Maybe someday I’ll find me a lady friend who won’t mind either.

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