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eplayA week or so ago, I was at the gas station about a block from my house. Where there is an e-play video dispenser.  You’ve probably seen the Redbox at your local grocery store. This a similar experience, but it’s actually located outside, near the building. A convenient way to get a movie anytime. We must be grateful for the convenience we are served. In fact we are super-served in that way. Almost to a fault. I’ve definitely exploited the fact that I can pay up at the very last moment given our current technology. In fact I’ve often wondered how much of a slacker I would be if I were born 50 years earlier. Having to remind myself of all the things to do on time, wait in line. Put it in mail…. ugh.

Anyway. This experience was great, not only could I be recognized by CC, but also by an email address, or barcode on the sleeve after purchase.It then has my history when I showed up. The return was easy and simple. No instructions really needed. The only weird thing was the sleeve they give to you when you purchase a rental. it doesn’t actually fit the CD/DVD well. But who cares. Plus you pay just a buck for every night you keep it. One night, one dollar. Two nights, two dollars. So you have incentive to return it but it’s not going to kill you if miss it for a day.

I hope you’re more responsible  than myself but that you also find yourself super served cause it just feels good!

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