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I got up early this morning 8:00am EST and starting walking around cause there’s nothing more peaceful than the quiet after a snow fall. Especially here in Virginia when people hole up as if it’s the Apocalypse.

This video was made with my Canon Powershot SD1000. The music was recorded in real time from my iphone speaker. Seems to me that would be a great feature for the iPhone or Flip camera. Real time music soundtrack to video recording. Then immediately shareable.

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A few months ago, a friend of mine at work approached me with the idea of training for a 10 mile race. The annual Cherry Blossom 10 miler. As I contemplate a move to the west coast I’ve been reminiscing of my time in NOVA. (Northern Virginia) I always thought of myself as an adventurous, and daring person, but the reality is I’m far more a person who likes creature comforts. I would expect myself to think of this as more of a great adventure. The way I’ve thought about it as I continually have visited. But as in the movie , Rocky Balboa (which was in my mind the best of them all) Pauly reminds Rocky of something he once said. “If you stay one place long enough, it becomes you.” That’s kind of the way I feel about NOVA/D.C. Like hundreds of DC-ites I know, I came here just after college to “conquer the world, expecting to move on after a few years”, it came lot harder than expected and here I am 10 years later, finding it kind of breaks my heart to leave it all behind.

Top memories that come to mind 1998-2008:

  • Life in Warrenton, VA: Country livin, big city dreamin’
  • The beginning of my professional life: Tech boom days
  • The life of my twenties and early thirties: Footloose and fancy free, Fun roomates and hot dates.
  • Life outside the beltway: I’ve always lived just on the outside of the mainstream.
  • Young interns, Hill Staffers, Gov’t Contractors and Fed Employees: The people in Washington who do the real work.
  • Places I’ve lived (My Northern Virginia) :Warrenton, Vienna, Falls Church, Fairfax, Arlington, Herndon, and Reston. The Old Dominion, Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • 4 hours radius of interesting places to be:Times Square for New Year’s, Outerbanks beach trips, Carolinas, Shenandoah and Appalachian Mountains, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Navy Football games in Annapolis, Paw Paw, West Virginia.
  • American History Geography: Revolutionary and civil war history is everywhere. (My current neighborhood was home to several civil war battles.)
  • D.C. Specialties: Fourth of July on the National Mall, The Marine Corps Barracks 8th & I. Presidential Inauguration, Free/Smithsonian Museums, Georgetown Halloween, Balmy Summer Evenings at Wolftrap, Screen on the Green on the National Mall.
  • Days of Infamy:9/11/2001 Pentagon, Supreme Court Election cases, Tech Boom, Economy Woes,Unemployment, War, Baseball is back.
  • Friends & Families: People with ideals and courage come to D.C. to make their mark and change the world the best way they know how.

Here’s my tribute soundtrack to life in NOVA/D.C.

Old Dominion – Eddie From Ohio (lyrics),Magnetic Fields- Washington D.C., John Denver -Almost Heaven

[splashcast MZYE5499UC]

And remember ……Virginia is for loversThere’s nothing more evident until you’ve lived there.

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