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You can get all academic about what you want to do with your life and what you want in your career or job. But no amount of money, status to function can make up for the feeling that you get when you solve a hard problem, overcome and obstacle or build something that’s never been done before.  These are the emotions that epitomize my favorite seen from the movie Moneyball.

At the end of the day I want the job where I get to make this scene happen more often than not. Everything else is arbitrary!

Live life and love it!

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In many ways conferences are like summer camp for adults. You meet a lot of new people, run into some old friends and learn a lot in a condensed amount of time. You feel as though you’ve found long lost friends, people you knew in a previous life because you’re bound by the common interest. There’s usually some drama created by the nature of debate. And while most of the happy hours and parties start at the end of each day, there’s sheer joy in connecting with like minded people.

It’s been at least two weeks since I returned home from the SXSW interactive conference. As I organized my notes into a somewhat comprehensible archive, my managing director asked all those in attendance to create a 60 sec (or so) video preso about their experience at “South By.” Given all the other duties I had to do that week this seemed a little daunting, since I really wanted to take more time to build out the message. In the end what I had time for (cobbling together some pics and vid) actually expressed the core essence of my experience which expresses the real education I got from of the event. Clearly there is power in cutting out the extraneous.

The background music is one of the bands I discovered in Austin they’re featured in one of the photos. The People’s Party – We AM One.

[Splashcast YDTU9335GX]

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