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Dear College Football, After all of your incessant scheming in the off-season don’t let me down. Please show up in good form, play hard, quit whining show me the reason why we love this game. Cause right now you’re on probation for my time. Image 

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“Consistency is more important than greatness, but if you’re consistent over time, you can accomplish great things.”CFL's All time leader Receiver

-Ben Cahoon

(The CFL’s all time leading receiver)


1. Jerry Rice (NFL) 1,549

2. Marvin Harrison (NFL) 1,102

3. Cris Carter (NFL) 1,101

4. Tim Brown (NFL) 1,094

5. Terrell Owens (NFL) 1,037*

6. Tony Gonzalez (NFL) 1,026*

7. Issac Bruce (NFL) 1,024

8. Ben Cahoon (CFL) 1,011*

9. Terry Vaughn (CFL) 1,006

* Active player


Year Rec. Yds. Ypc TD

1998 33 471 14.3 3

1999 52 846 16.1 2

2000 71 1,022 14.4 5

2001 56 809 14.4 1

2002 75 1,060 14.2 6

2003 112 1,561 13.9 13

2004 93 1,183 12.7 6

2005 73 1,067 14.6 9

2006 99 1,190 12.0 4

2007 90 1,127 12.5 5

2008 107 1,231 11.5 7

2009 89 1,031 11.6 2

2010 61 618 10.1 1

TOTALS: 1,011 13,216 13.1 64

PLAYOFFS: 90 1,295 14.4 5

Not to be outdone by Woody Allen who was quoted as saying

“90% of success is just showing up!”

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OK. Forget everything I said on my last post. I think my mistake is that I trust people too much. Apparently there’s more to it than the eye can see. Despite easing travel costs a lot, Hawaii’s departure from the WAC seems to have been the grain of sand that has tipped the teeter-totter of factors to the slow eminent demise of the WAC.

The reality is right now, there are too many schools that want to be in the FBS and not enough real chances to be affiliated with conferences that have stable membership and know how to work together.  I’m going to finally say it. The only solution that feels good in your bones. You know it. You feel it too. the MWC/WAC merger to fit the schools that naturally fit together in geography, academic achievement, size and competition in all sports. Not just football. The idea of the Super Conferences isn’t that bad at this point.

Boise State, Fresno State, Hawaii (Football only), Idaho, Louisiana Tech, Nevada, New Mexico State, San Jose State, Utah State, UNLV , San Diego State, Colorado State, Wyoming

But obviously there’s got to be some sort of bad blood going on in the background cause this would make way to much sense, From a travel cost point of view, similar academic institutions point of view, Olympic sports and the ability to elevate a conference. This plan leaves out Air Force which could easily go Independent and  the new comers Texas State, UTSA and Denver,  hopefully to find homes in the Sun Belt while La Tech makes it to the C-USA. Maybe the MWC/WAC could get UTEP back and make it even more relevant. I actually see the Texas schools as a strong addition to the conference so if you really wanted to make a Super Conference add the trifecta to get the new/old wac Super 16. In any case there is a much more viable solution slapping us right in the face.

What I find ironic about this proposal is that if the WAC was a bit more progressive in their leadership and the MWC not so slimy and selfish in leadership this solution would have been a perfectly viable solution to the departure of the Utah & BYU. But I guess it’s hard to play like a team when you’re always trying to be competitive. Come on folks, straighten up, sink that joke of a network called the Mountain work together, broker a deal with ESPN. You’d have 6 states with interstate schools and rivalries. Now think about the exposure & payout from a bowl perspective if you competed on the same level for the combined 8 bowls and played PAC10, Big 12 & C-USA teams in bowls games rather than each other? Sadly there will probably not be a Rally to Restore Sanity for this cause. Jon Stewart can you help out?

What I find the most tragic, is that prior to this year we had a bunch of schools trying to beat the system by growing conferences to bust the BCS and build a playoff system. Now all we have are a handful of schools joining the system. Almost as if the power of the dark force got deeper as Anakin Skywalker slays the Jedi children and solidify his alliance with the Empire of Evil.

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  • Laugh
  • Think
  • Be Emotional

Everyday and you will have an amazing life.

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College Football as we know it changing. Does this keep the haves and have not’s separated?

Just as parity seems to be more and more accessible for the smaller programs, do alliances like the PAC-16 and Big-16 make it harder for the so-called mid-majors to keep up? Or do they band together to and beat the big boys at their own game?

Pac 10 Invites Colorado, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State to join the Pac 10.

These teams would join up with Arizona and Arizona State to be the southwest side of the Pac-16.


So what happens to Nebraska, Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, Baylor, Iowa State.

Maybe this will make it easy on the Big Ten so that can nab Nebraska, Missouri, & Iowa State.

Or does the Mtn West make a play for the Big Plains schools and Add Kansas, Kansas State, Baylor and finally Boise State.

Rumors that Texas A&M are running to SEC are rampant too!

Not mention what happens during bowl season???!

Check out more conference realignment buzz:




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Having just returned from the Vancouver Winter Olympics Games 2010, I am overly psyched about life right now. While I’m still getting all of my media and stories put together I’m going to post this Canadian commercial which includes a song called Pounding, by the Doves. Before each event started they played a montage video with this music as the soundtrack to get the crowd pumped. It was a great feeling. If I could communicate anything about the atmosphere at the Olympics, it’s one of pure energy, encouragement and positivity. While people are proud of their own countries, everyone cheers for everyone, in the spirit of encouragement. Any “booh’s” are replaced by “oooh’s” in a shared empathic support of a unfortunate incident. The world truly comes together “With Glowing Hearts” for the cause of Citius, Altius, Fortius!

Here are my event intro clips from the events we attended.

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